Kodály Music Difference

Kodály Music is a philosophy of education and a concept of teaching.  It is a comprehensive program to train basic music skills and teach the reading and writing of music.  It is an integration of many of the best ideas, techniques, and approaches to music education.


Key Elements to a Kodály Music Program


Singing and Folk Music

The voice is the most natural instrument and one which we all possess.  It best develops the inner, musical ear.  Folk music is the classical music of the people, and the songs and games used by children for centuries is ideal material to teach foundations of music.



Solfege is the best tool for developing the inner ear.  It is an invaluable aid in building musical skills – sight singing, dictation, ear training, part hearing, developing memory, perceiving form and hearing and seeing harmony.


Music and Quality

Music enhances the quality of life.  For the best impact, the best music should be used.  We focus on folk music, which is most representative of the culture, and the best music composed by the masters.  Our teachers are well trained and continue to learn and develop their musical and teaching skills.



A carefully planned sequence, well taught, will result in successful experiences for both children and teacher.  Each success breeds success and fosters a love of music.  A Kodály sequenced curriculum is an experienced-based approach to learning.


See CCCC using Kodály in action: