Music We Sing

“The organic connection between music and physical movement is expressed in singing games. These have been one of the principal joys of childhood from time immemorial.”


Zoltan Kodály (1882-1967)

The majority of our classroom music is based on folk melodies (singing games).  This music becomes the foundation whereby we are able to build beautifuly knowlegable and expressive musicians.  To search one of the nations most complete libraries of folk music click here.

Music for performance will be chosen from a variety of sources to expand the repertoire of the young musician in an appropriate manner.  Music selections will come from all eras and will include secular, spiritual, and ethnic selections and is generally classical choral compositions.

Since many of the classical pieces were written as religious pieces the topic of religion is inevitable. However, pieces will be selected based solely on its merit and is not intended to indoctrinate or persuade belief.  As always, parents are welcome to attend all rehearsals.