We have various ensembles representing different ages and abilities.  Below are the various ensembles and groups that the CCCC has to offer:



Capo: Preschoolers (must be 4 years old and potty trained)

CCCC Capo LogoThe CCCC begins offering musical experiences to children of Pre-School age. Exposure to masterworks, composer friends, singing games, and musical symbols at an early age begins the amazing process of developing their inner musician. Young people are innately creative and musical and deserve to be exposed to the best there is musically as soon as possible.


Caprice: Kindergarteners

CCCC Caprice LogoEvery child a successful, joyful singer! Developing musical sensitivity and concentration through moving beautifully to masterworks. Making new composer friends and learning about what they do. Developing essential aural and rhythmic skills through traditional children’s singing games. Improvising tunes for easy picture and beginning reader books. Rote learning of Cadet readiness songs to prepare for future learning.


Cadet: 1st Graders

CCCC Cadet LogoFurther development of in-tune singing and vocal range. Learning the phonics of music and its representation on the music staff. Introducing the rhythm language. Developing basic note hearing, reading and writing skills. Making more new composer friends. Improvising and composing new tunes. Rote learning of Second Grade readiness songs.


Concert: 2nd Graders

CCCC Concert LogoExpansion of vocal range and refinement of in-tune singing skills. Learning more about the phonics of music. Introducing pitch names, expanding rhythmic and melodic vocabulary through hearing, moving, reading and writing. Reading new songs and learning to sing them well. Emphasizing each learner’s musical independence. Making more new composer friends. Rote learning of next level songs.


Crescendo: 3rd – 6th Graders

CCCC Crescendo LogoA true choral ensemble, the Crescendo Singers are rehearsed with a profound focus on the performance element of music. Music performed by this group is treble voiced in any combination (unison to 3 or 4 part harmonies as determined by the ensembles capabilities each season.) In addition to a full concert each season, this ensemble is frequently asked to perform at community events and conventions. Members of this group also participate by invitation in touring ensembles or other special events.


Cappella: 7th – 12th Graders

CCCC Cappella LogoBeautiful and fluent advanced singing skills. Much more part-singing (SATB). More key signatures, chords and Circle of Fifths. Advanced musical phonics and note-reading. Learning more about masterworks and composer tools. Solidifying and mastering previously learned skills. More student conducting. Surveying musical styles using accumulated hearing, reading and writing skills. More improvisation and composition projects. Exploring more World Music.