Our Goals

Immediate Goals

Develop, encourage, and strengthen children’s musical education and creativity based on the brilliant principles and philosophy of Zoltán Kodály.

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Provide professional choral training and repetoir for young people by studying a variety of superb choral literature including sacred, secular, and ethnic music from all musical eras.

Demonstrate knowledge through performance by performing independently as well as with other established ensembles as frequently as possible.

Enrich the cultural life of Clark County through frequent performances and community events.

Offer a venue for young musicians to associate with other talented musicians through weekly rehearsals.


Long-term Goals

Develop a program that extends to all kids of all ages and backgrounds to develop their creativity and musicianship through a choral experience.

Through donations, grants, and sponsors the program will be accessible to all youth, regardless of financial background.

Promote the cultural image of Clark County and the State of Nevada by:

Performing at regional, national, and international competitions under the name “Clark County Children’s Choir”.

Performing music composed by Nevada residents.

Commissioning works by local composers specifically for the Choir.

Commission new works suitable for young singers:

Works will be appropriate and healthy for young developing voices.

Promote an appreciation of choral music through workshops and clinics.

Participate in and host Conventions and Festivals that encourage the art of choral music and demonstrate its influence on young musicians.