Our Board

The CCCC Executive Board

Here are the amazing women who make the CCCC happen each season.  Without them there would be no CCCC!  If you would like to contact any of them simply click on their names and it will take you to their email.

DeAnna McBrayer
President (Public Relations)

  1. Community Awareness
  2. Presides & Conducts monthly meetings
  3. Accountable to Board of Directors
  4. Audio & Visual
  5. Program Design

Holly Steed
Vice President of Artistic Performance (Artistic Director)

  1. Registration Awareness & Advertising
  2. Music Library Maintenance
  3. Staff Management
  4. Music & Educational Content Selection
  5. Folder Distribution & Collection
  6. Weekly Rehearsals

Kelli McElvany
Vice President of Concerts (Concert Preparation)

  1. Facility & Performance Venue Arrangement
  2. Risers & Shell Transport (when necessary)
  3. Concert Awareness & Advertising
  4. Concert Decorations
  5. Uniform Distribution & Collection

Tracy Knowles
Vice President of Tours (Tours/Travel/Special Performances)

  1. Calendaring & Arrangements
  2. Transportation and Travel Details
  3. Tour Finances
  4. Assistant to President when absent

Diane May
Vice President of Fundraising

  1. Corporate Sponsorship Solicitation
  2. Public Fundraising
  3. Private Fundraising
  4. Advertisement Sales
  5. Grant Writing

Jessica May

  1. Registration Coordination
  2. Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Board Meeting Agenda Preparation
  4. Board Correspondence
  5. Web Maintenance Updates/Design
  6. Parent Communication

Holly Steed

  1. Account Controller (payable & receivable)
  2. Merchandise Sales
  3. Liability Insurance Maintenance
  4. Filing Local, State, and Federal Taxes & Audits
  5. Maintain All Bank Records
  6. Collections

Ashley Watts

  1. Photography
  2. Scrap-booking of Completed Seasons, Tours, and Special Performances
  3. DVD Sales and Distribution
  4. Document and Merchandise Maintanance