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In case you don’t have the email:

Hello CCCC Famlies!


Well, the end of the season has finally arrived! With that comes the final information of the season. PLEASE take the time to read everything carefully (including the attached festival concert itinerary) so you will know when to have your singer, where to have your singer, and what to have your singer wear. Thanks for an amazing season. It’s been a pleasure conducting and teaching these young people!





We will hold one last class for our Caprice & Cadet students at the STUDIO on Campbell Road.


4:00-4:30pm — Caprice (both Tues & Thur classes are welcome)


4:20 – 5:20pm — 1st Grade class asked to join our Caprice class for a song run through and then stay for their final class.


5:10 – 6:10 — 2nd Grade Cadet class asked to come to join the 1st graders and then stay on for their final class.





The fun begins next Thursday when we put it all together at the Lakes Lutheran Church for our Dress Rehearsal. Here is the anticipated schedule for the evening:


5:00pm — Call time for ALL Caprice & Cadet classes (anticipated completion for these youngsters is 5:45pm)


5:30pm — Crescendo & Cappella Call Time to warm up prior to Dr. Brunner’s rehearsal **Parents please pick up (& pay the $5 festival fee if you haven’t already) your Crescendo singer’s Festival T-shirt to be worn Saturday morning**


5:45pm — Rehearsal with Dr. Brunner on “An Irish Blessing” for all involved


6:00pm — Parent meeting for all Saturday Concert Volunteers. (You will go over the volunteer itinerary that will be provided)


8:00pm — Anticipated completion of dress rehearsal. (Please forgive if it goes 15 min one direction or another)


***Our dress rehearsal is a TRUE DRESS REHEARSAL. That means all students are expected to arrive dressed in their concert uniform. This allows us to make any changes if necessary.***




1. You should have either received your uniforms at rehearsal or arranged to get them from our Uniform VP, Ashley Watts. If you have not done either, please contact her ASAP @


2. All gentleman need to have black dress pants (no jeans) and black dress shoes and black socks. When in doubt visit a 2nd hand store where you can typically find such for about $4. Ladies don’t forget to wear black dress shoes and tights/nylons/knee highs with your skirts/dresses (BE SURE NO SKIN IS SHOWING BELOW THE WASTE!!) We recommend tights if you have a skirt/shirt combo as the shirt stays tucked into the tights much better than the skirt!


3. Hair is to be pulled back away from the face and out of eyes to enhance lighting and eliminate any need to brush it out of the face when on stage. Any hair accessories must be minimal, black, and non-shiny. Please also keep earrings small, black and non-sparkly. No necklaces or bracelets! Our goal is to eliminate any distractions on stage! We appreciate your attention to detail so the focus can be on the music and the kids, not on a mismatched or ‘loud’ uniform!


4. Although LOTS of deodorant (where necessary) is encouraged, NO perfume is to be worn!


5. All ties & scarves will be provided on site & recollected for both the dress rehearsal & concerts. These are never to be taken home.




UNLV Ham Hall (click here for driving directions)

An itinerary has been attached to show how the entire event will run on Saturday. As a reminder the daytime activities are only for the CRESCENDO ensemble and any CAPPELLA members serving as Student Ambassadors for the day or singing in the combined numbers.


For everyone else (Caprice, Cadet, rest of Cappella) the call time is 6pm. Check the itinerary for where to report.


The theater will open to families & guests at 6:30pm, the Pre-show (Caprice & Cadet) will begin at 6:45pm & the main concert will begin at 7:00pm.


CAPRICE & 1st GRADE CADET PARENTS: We will take your singers off the stage to the hall immediately after they sing and we ask that you quickly come retrieve them and take them to sit with you in the concert hall for the rest of the concert. 2ND GRADE CADET PARENTS: Your singers will have one more song to sing and will have a seat assigned in the hall until that song happens in the concert. After they finish singing “Art Thou Troubled” you may retrieve them from the hall and have them sit with you for the remainder of the concert.



In order to streamline the mayhem of uniform collection, the board would like to provide ONE of TWO options for uniform returns:


OPTION ONE- Bring a change of clothes and return your uniform immediately following the concert. (We will have bags/buckets for you to deposit in one corner of the main lobby of the concert hall)


OPTION TWO- Bring your uniform to the STUDIO (Campbell Road) between 6:00-7:30 pm on May 23rd (the very next Thursday).


Please keep in mind that most children’s choirs would have mandated that all uniforms were purchased each year (in addition to a several hundred dollar per singer tuition cost). The CCCC has worked hard to make our program the most cost effective children’s choir possible. Please help us by making sure your uniform has been taken care of and turned in so it can be used again next season.




Thank you for an amazing season!

Thank you for raising such great young people!

Thank you for letting me share my music passion with them each week.

Thank you for supporting music in your child’s life.

Thank you for getting them to & from rehearsal & performances.

Thank you for helping them look professional at the concert.

Thank you for your help during the season!

Thank you for reading this email in its entirety so I can spend more time preparing for the concert and less time answering questions that are already answered within it!


It’s been another great season! I look forward to many more.


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