Email Update – NYC update and payment info

Hello Singers and Families,
We are quickly approaching our trip and are very excited about it. By now, you should have paid for half of your trip at least. If you have notwe MUST have 1/2 of your payment by this Thursday (2/23), with the understanding that your account must be paid in full by 3/22.  Failure to meet the payment schedule means removal from the trip and a forfeiting of money paid.  If you intend to continue fundraising to pay for your trip, you are still encouraged to. However, we need the payments as outlined. Should you fundraise over the amount necessary for your trip and if you have made a cash contribution, you can be refunded the money that is over the amount of the trip. but again, please remember monies are due when stated.

The other item of critical importance is participation in all Thursday & Saturday rehearsals.  Failure to attend Saturday & Thursday rehearsals will also result in you and your singer being removed from the trip.  There are 8 more Thursday rehearsals and 5 more Saturday rehearsals.  It is not fair to the singers who are diligently attending and learning their music to have others come who are not dedicated or not able to perform with confidence and musical excellence.  This Saturday is our next NYC Ambassador rehearsal & we have tons of information and music preparation to do, so it is critical that all singers are present.  In addition we need to get information to parents, so please DO NOT drop your kids and run.  We are holding an important parent meeting at 9am as the kids begin rehearsal.
NYC Ambassador Saturday Rehearsals are being held at
Lakes Lutheran Church
8200 W. Sahara Avenue
(Sahara and Cimarron), 89117 

Here is a map.
These are the dates previously sent out when we will meet as the NYC Ambassadors.
Saturday, February 25  9-11am
Saturday, March 10   9-11am
Saturday, March 24  9-11am
Wednesday, April 18  6pm  CSN Horn Theatre (part of the CCCC dress rehearsal)
Thursday, April 19th 7pm  CSN Horn Theatre (part of the CCCC concert)
Thursday, April 26th 6-7:30pm  Celebration Church (normal CCCC rehearsal location)
Saturday, April 28th 9-11am
Please recheck your dates from a month ago…some of the dates have had to shift as I am adjudicating other choir festivals & attending a National Conference.  If I feel that any of these are unnecessary I will let you know and we will cancel them.
We are currently missing 10 registrations on the Heritage website. If you do not register by Feb 23, you will be removed from the trip. It is imperative that you register at www.worldstridesheritageperformance.comwith trip #71163.
Thank you for your immediate attention to these details and any action you need to take on your part to make this an amazing experience for our young musicians. 
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