Email Update 2/22/12 CCCC Season/Fundraiser Update

Hello CCCC Families!

We are nearly to the half way point in our choir season and wanted to share some information with everyone.

We are excited to have practice tracks up on the website.  Please download your singer’s parts and have them practice at home so they learn the basic music and we can spend more time in choir learning how to sing the song beautifully, rather than just learning the song.  If you cannot download the songs, please notify a board member, and we can work to make you a disk (each one has to be individually made, as parts are specific to each child’s standing position.)

Our concert is coming up on April 19 at 7:00, with the mandatory dress rehearsal on the 18th.  Please make sure you have BOTH these dates available.  Rehearsal and Call Time are 6:00pm both days.

We are selling ads/messages to go in the concert program this year.  Please see the attached PDF or download it from the CCCC website.  These can be used to either help fund your New York Singer’s trip, or help fund our local program and concert.

March 1st is the last day we will be accepting juice pouches.  They have dropped the price they pay us for them, and after that date it no longer makes sense for us to continue that particular fundraiser.  We are still collecting all types and sizes of chip bags – we still make good money from them.

We have CHOCOLATE!!!  We also have CCCC bracelets, S’mens and Colored S’mencils.  These are all available for checkout at the CCCC rehearsals to help cover your registration.  We greatly appreciate those who go above and beyond and sell additional items to help fund our general program.

As always, Scrip cards are available both online and at every weekly rehearsal.  Please let us know if there is a particular store or brand you would want us to carry in stock.  This is FREE way for our choir to raise funds – it only takes a little planning on our parts.

Thanks for a great season so far –

The CCCC Executive Board

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