CCCC Spring 2012 Season Start Information

Hello past & future CCCC members!

We just want to give you one more reminder that it’s not too late to register to join us for our Spring Season!  We have sent an email to all of those we’ve received registration forms from to date, but wanted to pass on a bit of the same information for those planning to register this week or at our onsite registration (Crescendo & Cappella only).  ***If you sent in your forms and did not receive a member specific email, please respond to this email and we will solve the mystery and get you the information!***
Caprice/Cadet (PreK-2nd grades):


We only have a couple of spots open in each of these classes, so if you are interested, please reply to this email promptly with registration information.  We will then give you verification that a spot is reserved for your singer prior to the first meeting.  Due to space we cannot hold registration on site.  Thank you for understanding!  All class time information and registration forms can be found here.


Crescendo/Cappella (3rd – 12th grades):
These ensembles do not have a number cap and we accept registrations the night of our first rehearsal.  Typically our Crescendo Ensemble meets from 6-7pm & Cappella from 7-8:15, but we will have a different schedule THIS THURSDAY 1/12 as we accommodate on-site registration & our parent meeting.  Here is how our first evening of the season will run:
We hold a MANDATORY parent meeting concurrent with our first rehearsal of each season.  We understand that many of you arrange car pooling situations throughout the season.  Please plan to begin your carpools after this first rehearsal as we would like one representative from each family present at this meeting.
Location:  Fern Adair Conservatory (3265 E. Patrick Ave. Las Vegas 89120).   We will be rehearsing in Studio D each week. (Extra parking is located behind the conservatory)


6 – 6:30pm —  On site registration for BOTH CRESCENDO & CAPPELLA ENSEMBLES.
6:30 – 7:30 —  MANDATORY Parent meeting for BOTH CRESCENDO & CAPPELLA ENSEMBLES.  We recognize that many of our families have students in both ensembles and since the information we give applies to both groups, it is best to do it all together)  Items we will discuss:


  • Classroom & Facility rules (this is our first season in our new home & we ask that you please treat all facilities with utmost respect so we can maintain a wonderful relationship with the Fern Adair Family.)
  • Introduction of our Volunteer Executive Board
  • Season Calendar of Events
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Parent Involvement
  • We will of course take some time to sing (you may join us if you choose…but only this time!!  Then we leave it to our amazing young people to do that honor!)
  • Questions you may have
7:30-8:00 —  MANDATORY MEETING for all COMMITTED & INTERESTED New York City Festival goers.  (If you haven’t already seen the information on our website or by word of mouth, we have been invited to participate in a National Children’s Choir festival in NYC May 2-7th.  If you are interested in information please plan to attend this meeting.  This trip has been in the works for many months already and we have some space limitations and specific payment schedules to consider.)


What to bring?
1. Bring your completed & signed registration forms, which can be located here.
2. Please plan to bring your $50 donation money or plan to begin one of our ongoing fundraising options
3. For returning singers: Please bring back any uniforms or folders that were accidentally taken home with you!  
4. NYC goers, please plan to pay toward your trip as we have a large payment due to the festival company very soon.  We can help you know where your account stands at the meeting.
We are looking forward to the most amazing season yet for the Clark County Children’s Choir!  We hope you and your friends can join us.
The CCCC Executive Board
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