CCCC Parent Update Email January 24, 2012


After many sleepless nights and countless waking hours in thought, I have decided to return to our previous location for the foreseeable future. During the last 2 weeks I’ve realized the situation at the Conservatory (though we truly appreciate their willingness to host us) just isn’t as perfect a fit for the CCCC as we’d hoped. Unfortunately, there was no way to know what the rehearsal outcome would be without trying it. In coming to this decision I have weighed the goals and mission of the CCCC as well as my own personal family’s needs at this time. For those of you who are new to the CCCC, please know this is atypcial of how we operate our program; I hope you will continue with us so you can see that this decision is in the best interest of the CCCC. For those returning I’m sure you recognize how this change must be necessary or I would not have made it. I have taken into consideration the many inconveniences I am inflicting on you and your families and sincerely apologize. My hope in making the move sooner than later is to minimize that inconvenience. Again, I am very grateful for the generosity and hospitality showed us by Fern Adair and her wonderful staff.

If you are able to continue on with us, all rehearsal times will remain the same (Crescendo @ 6pm & Cappella @ 7pm), but the rehearsal address will be:

5900 W. Cheyenne
Las Vegas, NV 89108
(Celebration Church…a stand alone building in a large grocery store complex on the NE side of the Cheyenne & Jones intersection. There is very quick access from the 95 as well as Rancho Road. Parents there is a lobby to wait in, or if you prefer, chairs in the back of our rehearsal space where you are welcome to quietly sit and observe and enjoy.)

If you are unable to continue with us for the season we again apologize and wish there was a perfect solution for everyone! Here are the things we know we need to resolve:
1. If you have paid your tuition we will happily refund that to you. Please just reply to this email with the address you would like us to send it to and we will mail a check ASAP.
2. If you have checked out fundraising items, please bring them to the Conservatory this Thursday at 6pm and a member of the board will be there to collect it and any monies sold at this point.

For us to get a feel of what to plan for the weeks to come, we would greatly appreciate if you could please reply to this message with a confirmation that:
1. you will be able to continue on
2. you unfortunately will not be able to finish the season. (again, please include the address you would like to have your tuition refunded to if this applies)

We value your young people and their amazing musicianship! Thank you for being a part of the CCCC!

Holly & the CCCC Executive Board

p.s. Although we are really hoping everyone will take the time to answer our email, if you are willing to help us personally call any who do not answer by Wednesday afternoon please mention that in your response! Thank you in advance! We want to try to eliminate anyone accidentally returning to the Conservatory.

Holly A. Steed
Founder & Artistic Director
Clark County Children’s Choir

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